Commercial and Governmental Contracts

As the Group extends the best services to its customers in the field of contracts drafting in their various kinds and that includes the new kinds of them which were imposed as a result of the economical development as contracts (handing over the key, building and operation contracts and the ownership transfer).

Companies' Foundation Contracts

The group carries out the procedures of companies registration, drafting its establishing contracts, supplements and the sub-contracts which produced of partnership as investment, management and services agencies contracts. The group, also reviews the administrative and functional infrastructures of the companies as well as working contracts.

World Trade and Investment's Contracts

The group carries out all necessary legal services to investors and business- men, and it supplies them with the information they needed about their operation they allege to do and to enlighten them on the conditions and incentives of the investment according to laws and regulations in force in Arab and African countries, specially in Gulf States and particularly in Saudi Arabia considering the free zones codes in it.

Patent Contract and Producer's Protection Contracts

The group undertakes the act of registration and patent protection, learning on the capabilities of its qualified specialists in the field. The section extends its services to the clients by helping them to form their trademarks to avoid being inadmissible on the pretext that they are similar or undistinguished. The group strives to adopt legal measures to grant protection to its clients' industrial productions, which were widely distributed throughout the world and that includes cars, mechanical machines, food stuffs and chemicals.

Real Estate Contracts

The group is regarded as one of the specialized offices in the field of legal profession and real estate, as it carries on all dealings that concern legal consultations disputes pleadings before courts and other official authorities. The group extends all necessary services concerning the aforementioned mentioned issues as they desired by the clients according to the laws and regulations in force.

Trading agencies, Distribution and Distinction's Contracts

Our office is a pioneering one in the fields of trade agencies, distribution and distinction's contracts. Also, it is competent in revising the model contracts.

Traditional Contracts (Reformulation)

The group is pioneering in preparing and drafting traditional contracts which characterized with their secret features between the parties, although of their legality. The secret features of these contracts are attributable to the desire of the parties so as to settle some hindrances stand in the way of declaring them.