About The Group

The group has gained extensive experience over (33) years of actual practice of law and arbitration with all judicial authorities of all degrees and types, with a future vision for the legal profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enabled it to attract many experts, consultants, and legal and legal researchers, which gave it distinction and a good reputation among its clients and advisors inside and outside, and the formation of cooperation and partnership relations with the most important local, regional and global law firms.

Group philosophy

Working as an integrated group that aims to provide excellent service and complete the work that is entrusted to it in an effort to achieve the highest levels of perfection and satisfaction in performance, and believing that achieving the goal is not limited only to providing advisory and legal services, but is based mainly on building trust between the group and its clients by adhering to the concept of specialized group research before taking any action, continuous communication with clients and serious follow-up to reach the best solutions that serve the interests of clients and inform them of all the procedures taken about their cases first.

National and national interests

Founder and Secretary-General of the Arab Alliance for Dispute Resolution, which deals with popular diplomacy to study Arab crisis files and provide solutions for them, such as the crisis of the United Arab Emirates islands to the east and the problem of Western Sahara to the west.

Thinker and writer on diplomatic and strategic issues, and he has a special interest in national public opinion issues, such as the issues of declining media and the call for the reform of the media in the best way, and the work to find a media code of honor for Saudi media abroad and the pursuit of creating a media center for dialogue interventions on Arab satellite channels.

Interest in national public opinion issues through participation in popular trials of Israelis such as Sharon and Benjamin Ben-Elazar.

Our Team

General Manager

The Counselor \ Farraj ibn Ali ibn Turki ibn Abdulaziz ibn Agla, and his surname is (Farraj Alagla ).
 He was born in Alkhabrah District in Alqassim Region - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1378H-1958A.D. A Lawyer who practices his profession according to the Saudi Ministry of Justice's authorization no. (45) and a degree from the Court of Cassation in Makkah Almukarramah no. (185/1/1) for the year 1400-1980, and according to the authorization no. (221/23) on 4th of Dhul'hijjah, 1423H from the bar general administration in Saudi Ministry of Justice, and arbitrator on the list of the arbitrators in Saudi Ministry of Justice according to the degree no. (1390) in 16/11/1424H. He gained a wide experience in the field of legal profession and arbitration at all judicial authorities in their various kinds and degrees, the matter that imparted to him an integrated experience to offer all kinds of legitimate, legal and arbitrational consultations. He founded" Lawyer Farraj Alagla and his Partners Advocates Group " (Lawyers, Counselors and Arbitrators) in Makkah Almukarramah and their branches in (Almadinah Almunawwarah - Arriyadh - Jeddah - Aldammam - Alkhobar - Alahsa )

Positions and Memberships

- Member of the International Lawyers Union. 

- Member of Arab Lawyers Union in Cairo since 1415 H-1995 A.D. 

- Member of the British Board of Legal Counselors. 

- Member of the Advisory Committee of Arbitration in the Saudi Ministry of Justice. 

- Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Union for Arbitration in Cairo.

- Secretary-General, founder of the Arab Alliance to settle disputes. 

- Member of the Executive Committee of the Syrian-Saudi Business Council

- Member of the Lawyers Committee of Arriyadh Commerce Chamber. 

- Member of the Real Estate Committee of Arriyadh Commerce and Industry Chamber (formerly). 

- Member of the Board of Trustees of Arab Jerusalem Est.(formerly). 

- Chairman of Hilf Center Directors Board for Training and Development (Legal – Administrative-Human Development).