Extensive experience over (33) years of actual practice of law and arbitration.

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The group has gained extensive experience over (33) years of actual practice of law and arbitration with all judicial authorities of all degrees and types, with a future vision for the legal profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enabled it to attract many experts, consultants, and legal and legal researchers, which gave it distinction and a good reputation among its clients and advisors inside and outside, and the formation of cooperation and partnership relations with the most important local, regional and global law firms.

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The Counselor \ Farraj Alagla

General Manager

The Counselor \ Farraj ibn Ali ibn Turki ibn Abdulaziz ibn Agla, and his surname is (Farraj Alagla ). He was born in Alkhabrah District in Alqassim Region - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1378H-1958A.D.

A Lawyer who practices his profession according to the Saudi Ministry of Justice's authorization no. (45) and a degree from the Court of Cassation in Makkah Almukarramah no. (185/1/1) for the year 1400-1980, and according to the authorization no. (221/23) on 4th of Dhul'hijjah, 1423H from the bar general administration in Saudi Ministry of Justice, and arbitrator on the list of the arbitrators in Saudi Ministry of Justice according to the degree no. (1390) in 16/11/1424H.

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We are committed to providing the best possible legal service , and strive to understand your legal needs and provide the legal advice you need to achieve your goals..


As the Group extends the best services to its customers in the field of contracts drafting in their various kinds and that includes the new kinds of them which were imposed as a result of the economical development

Suits and Consultations

The group is characterized with a harmonized team work that extends the instant general consultations followed by a legal, orderly and detailed judgment that includes the legal and orderly stand of the client with the supporting legal entrustment, in addition to the working plan


The arbitration is considered a means of resolving and settling the disputes. It is different from the ways of regular litigation at the local, regional and international levels and conviction of the group on that side

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